Series A Preferred Equity Offering

Min. Invest $25,000
Target Hold 60 mo
Annualized Returns 10%

I. Executive Summary

eVest Technology, LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Company") was established as a Limited Liability Company at 8130 Baymeadows Way W Ste 106, Jacksonville, Florida 32256 with the expectation of rapid expansion in the digital technology industry. 

Business Description

The Company was formed on 04/03/2018 as Limited Liability Company under Florida state laws and is headed by Daniel Summers.

Software as a Service (SaaS): eVest Technology is a Software as a Service digital technology platform. We offer cutting edge technology to our licensees to syndicate capital and manage investors. We are a transaction based platform that automates the entire sequence of events starting with marketing through offering presentation to accreditation and document execution to funding. Thereafter, investors and sponsors alike can track real-time activity on their own customized dashboards. The platform also offers back-office accounting, individualized investor correspondence, dividend distribution and annualized year-end report preparation.

The technology for the eVest White Label platform was developed as a result of its Principals ownership in RealtyeVest, a real estate crowdfunding company with a national footprint. This site enjoys 3,000+ views each month and has grown a database in excess of 15,000 individuals.  RealtyeVest is currently being acquired by eVest and will be utilized exclusively for the marketing of its eVest licensees.

A soft launch occurred on 10/25/2018. To date, we have nearly 100 individuals and/or groups in the queue to view webinars, private demos, reviewing SaaS agreements or are in conversation. We have approx. 30 active subscribers and in excess of 60 in the sign-up process. We have an active PPC program, a massive email campaign is developed and utilized and conference participation defined for the next 6 months.  A brand-new eVest web site has been designed and has been met with rave reviews.

Management Team

CEO - Daniel Summers, over 30 years of high-level real estate syndication experience. Accumulated in excess of $1B of Class A commercial real estate before underwriting its IPO. Spent the last 5 years in the crowdfunding space as a Principal and operator. Maintains a firm understanding of capital raising and investor management technology as a Principal of RealtyeVest. Designed and developed eVest Technology drawing from years of crowdfunding experience and learning the intricacies of digital technology and marketing.


Business Mission

To democratize digital technology and introduce additional SEC deregulations via its platform into the commercial real estate industry while growing its SaaS client base to facilitate an exit within 60 months. Interestingly, our software has attracted clients and traction within the Broker-Dealer, Investment Banking, Hard Money Lending, Cannabis and Oil & Gas Industries.

New Service

Commercial real estate is generally an antiquated industry, slow to accept anything new or inventive. Hence, the monumental opportunity and challenge to automate an entire trade and bring into the 21st century.

As a result of the JOBS Act of 2012 (the deregulation of the General Solicitation laws), the entire industry of capital raising has been unshackled to market investment opportunities, openly and freely with nominal caveats. The real estate industry as is usual, however, has been slow to adopt these opportunistic changes and continues to use outdated and inefficient procedures to market its investment opportunities.

Reg D 506 (c) Title II

eVest Technology though has developed a White Label software platform that introduces a comprehensive digital system that offers the complete menu of features required to market, present and fund real estate investments.  Its platform is SEC compliant, which allows for digital PPM’s, accreditation, verification and document execution. The customized Landing Page is uniquely designed with client logos, colors, contact and banking information. Additional features include, but are not limited to, back office accounting, financial modeling, high net-worth investor generation and localized asset-centric trends and tendencies. 

The software is a “comprehensive” suite of features that addresses every segment of capital raising and investor management. Additionally, licensees can upgrade their package to include a regional and/or local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program to build brand awareness and relevance. This program rounds-out the platform and offers an all-inclusive, one-stop, software program. Whereas, competitors may offer 2 or 3 of our features and nothing else.

Reg S

Regulation S provides an SEC compliant way for US and non-US companies to raise capital outside the U.S. It is not necessary to have a company in the USA to use Reg S.

A Regulation S offering can issue both equity and debt securities. A company that makes their offering under Reg S is also allowed to use another method to raise capital from US investors - usually Reg D 506 (c).

Reg S investors from outside the US can be of any wealth level. Reg S is a good compliment to Reg D, in that Reg S allows non-US investors to invest in a US company or a non-US company on a similar basis to the Reg D terms, with no requirement to be accredited (wealthy) investors. 

This is an exceptional opportunity for eVest Technology clients to be the recipient of millions of dollars of foreign investment. The obstacle however is validating the capital is not ill-gotten from illegal means. Every syndicator in the real estate industry has been drooling over the possibility for years of using foreign capital for their US real estate projects.

eVest is affiliating with an International Bank & Trust that “only” opens depository accounts for Non-US depositors. As a result, eVest will be able to accommodate foreign investors while the Bank & Trust facilitates the seamless transaction. We hope to roll out this Reg S Filing option as part of our White Label platform by July 1, 2019.

Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount:
80/20 Waterfall Participation
60 Months $2,000,000

II. Business Summary

Industry Overview


Generally, commercial real estate has been reluctant to embrace the digitalization of marketing and capital raising. Hence, there is no 2018 trend illustrating commercial real estate operators having embraced digital technology. It is minimal at most. The field is wide open to educate and inform prospective clients as to the cost effectiveness, immediacy and seamless methodology to utilize the eVest Technology to bring deals to market. The capital raising process which took months and tens of thousands of dollars in documentation preparation now takes days and 1/10 of the out of pocket costs.

Research shows that real estate operators in this industry primarily focus on the following factors when making software decisions:

  • Where in the acquisition cycle are they currently?
  • Does this platform meet all of their short-term and long-term needs?
  • How easy is the technology to work with?
  • Is this software SEC compliant?
  • How quickly can we go to market?
  • How competitively priced is this program?
  • Is the Landing Page customized with our brand?



The eVest Solution in 5 easy steps


1.  eVest provides PPM’s, operating and subscription agreements at Zero cost.

    1. Digital PPM’s designed, developed, and uploaded within hours.
    2. Drafted SEC compliant operating and subscription agreements.

2. Reg D 506 © & Reg S SEC Compliant.

    1. Reg D 506 © technology allows for general solicitation subject to an internal eVest gateway permitting an investment only to accredited investors.
    2. Through an affiliation with an international bank & trust, eVest for the first time ever will offer investment opportunities to foreign investors that are Homeland Security compliant.

3.   Customizable transaction-based platform designed to facilitate market-to-funding-to-dividend distributions.

    1. Designed to accommodate digital marketing to thousands with a single swipe of a keyboard.
    2. Seamless funding from investor-to-issuer bank accounts.
    3. The eVest payment processor system pays monthly-quarterly dividends from issuers to investors automatically through an ACH.

4.  eVest provides a streamlined communication center which permits a seamless distribution of emails, reports and documents.

    1. Monthly/quarterly reports are distributed to filtered list of investors automatically.
    2. Annual reports are uploaded with dividend and/or profit participation income.

5.  Since the eVest Technology application White Labeled, the front-end landing page is 100% customized to our client’s brand.

    1. Logos, colors, contact info and social media channels are all client branded.
    2. eVest is the “engine” behind the client’s brand driving and coordinating the cradle-to-grave transaction-based platform.

Business Goals and Objectives


Short Term:

Achieve 100 users within first 12 months and an additional 150 net users over the next 24 months. Overall goal is net 250+ users.

Long Term:

To run a stabilized Trailing 12-month P & L offering a solid $9M NOI and sell for a 10-12 multiple on EBIDTA.


Legal Issues


The Company affirms that it’s promoters have acquired all legally required trademarks and patents.

III. Marketing Summary

Target Markets

With over $414 Billion in commercial real estate transactions projected for 2019, the opportunity for the eVest Technology software is enormous. Not to mention its use outside the US.

The entire commercial real estate industry as a whole is our target. A licensee does not necessarily need to be a user of every single feature on the eVest platform. Some may choose to use the Accounting Feature singularly or the Core Intelligence tool to describe economic trends and tendencies or the digital PPM to disseminate their offering to its investors seamlessly while saving $15K in attorney’s fees.  However, the vast majority will use multiple features to host its offerings to raise capital and manage the investors subsequently. We currently have the 4th largest construction firm in America, for example as a client as well as fix & flip contractors. The software application is applicable to the entire industry.

Pricing Strategy

The Company has completed a thorough analysis of its competitors' pricing. Keeping in mind our competition's pricing and the costs of customer acquisition, we have decided on the following pricing strategy:

Initially, we are charging a $3,000 one time set up fee and a $1,000 per month license fee for a 12-month contract. We are currently at $1,195 monthly. We will move the monthly fee by $200 for every 50-licensee’s hereafter until we reach $2,000 thereafter.


IMS - 300+ Users Stabilized

Features included are Integrated Waterfall, Waterfall Calculator, Single login for multiple profiles/entities, Investor Mobile App for Android and iOS, Automated K-1 uploading tool, and Advanced Analytics. Waterfall Scenarios include Preferred Return, Pro Rate, IRR, Splits, Splits with Hurdles, Equity Multiples, Withholding Fees, and Return of Capital. Integrates with Systems Including Yardi, MRI, Rent Manager, RealPage, CYMA, Entrata, and Timberline.


Up to 300 Unique Investors: $7500 1x Professional Services Fee + $2500 Monthly Subscription Fee.

Up to 500 Unique Investors: $10,000 1x Professional Services Fee + $3500 Monthly Subscription Fee.

Up to 1,000 Unique Investors: $12,500 1x Professional Services Fee + $4000 Monthly Subscription Fee.

1,000 + Unique Investors: $15,000 1x Professional Services Fee + $5,000 Monthly Subscription Fee.

Juniper Square – 150+ users since launch in 2017

More than 150 real estate investment firms use Juniper Square to manage more than 50,000 investors and over $200B of real estate. Automatically calculates investment performance metrics such as yields, IRRs, and multiples by investment and by investor. Automate the calculation of your investment waterfall and other transactions like capital calls and account balance updates. Produce customizable capital account statements, transaction notices, and other investor reports in minutes. Easily manage all investment email communications and document delivery.


$0 to $25MM in Equity Under Management $5K - $9K 1x Professional Services Fee + $1500 Monthly Subscription Fee.

$25MM - $100MM in Equity Under Management $15K 1x Professional Services Fee + $2000 Monthly Fee.

Katipult85+ Users

Manage your investors with full transparency and build the investor network. Up-to-the-minute view of your entire investor network on a clean, visual dashboard. Focus on your value-added work by easily managing the investor servicing & reporting cycles with activity dashboards, documents access, distribution processing, automated messaging, analytics, and financial advisor tool. Automated investor onboarding including KYC and AML checks. Quickly and easily distribute reports to your investors and allow investor to access items such as quarterly performance or tax statements instantly. Monitor investor behavior with powerful activity reports, understand investor suitability and preference, and plan for important and timely follow-ups.


Starting at $5,000 per month

SWOT Analysis


  1. Three decades of high-level commercial real estate syndication experience. As a result, the platform is seamless and responsive to exact syndication needs.
  2. Ownership in RealtyeVest offering 5+ years of crowdfunding and crowdfunding technology experience as Principals.
  3. eVest will acquire RealtyeVest which enjoys 3,000+ views each month and a 15,000-person data base of investors and potential investors.
  4. eVest has embraced Artificial Intelligence to enhance the platform experience and bring benefits not offered on any other competitor’s platform (Beta-testing to be launched end of 2019).
  5. Zero cost PPM’s, operating & subscription agreements resonates like no other features on the eVest platform or any competitors. It is definitely the secret sauce.
  6. Its pricing falls far beneath any competitors while offering more than any other platform. There are no additional fees paid when an internal database investor elects to invest. This alone has attracted clients.


Introducing digital technology to an antiquated commercial real estate industry. Not necessarily a weakness but a challenge.


In a multi-Trillion Dollar industry, not one technology company has cornered any facet of this industry. The field is wide open for any group with real estate and high-end technology experience. Fortuitously, eVest has both. We address and automate every step in the life of any type of syndication. We digitize PPM’s which no one does, we market our clients deals on our Marketplace which no one has or does, we have internal accreditation, funding, reporting and dividend payments.  All the things in a syndicators life that take huge sums of capital and time. We make time-to-market and cost-to-market negligible. Thus, increasing deal-flow. Which is why we’re ideal for the non-enterprise slice of the pie.


Since we are confident we are ahead of the pack, we do not foresee any immediate threats. With a 48-60-month ownership plan, we feel we can get in and out before a substantive player enters the game. We also feel confident we have identified the end buyer for this platform.

The level of competition is in essence non-competitive. The combination of technology and real estate experience have limited any substantive competition. The technology is so new and the required breadth of real estate knowledge is so vast, the two assets seldom marry one another.


First-rate service is intended to be the focus of the Company and a cornerstone of the brand's success. All clients will receive conscientious, one-on-one, timely service in all capacities, be they transactions, conflicts or complaints. This is expected to create a loyal brand following and return business.

Financial Plan

Financial Plan


60-Month Profit and Loss Projection







Subscription Revenue






Other Revenue






Total Revenue






Total Expenses






Total Commissions













During the first two months of release we experienced a customer acquisition rate of 4 users per month. At the onset of the 4th month we will employ a PR firmed based out of New York City. We will also begin attending industry conferences and commence an aggresive SEO campaign. We believe these efforts will result in an acquisition rate of 10 new users per month starting in month five. We anticipate 100 users within first 12 months and an additional 150 net users over the next 24 months with a drop-off rate of 40 percent. Overall goal is 250 users at the end of month 36. We will employ two sales professionals to attend monthly conferences and field all sales leads, each sales professional is projected to close five users per month. As the user base builds we plan to add additional Customer Service Representatives (CSR) employees at a rate of one per forty users. We currently employ two software engineers and one assistant engineer, we will employ an additional engineer in month six. Our digital marketing employee will handle all internal SEO campaigns. The executives will consist of a CEO, COO and CFO. Legal and required audits will be handled by outside counsel or servicers.


Financial Sources

Series A Funding $2,000,000
Total Sources $2,000,000

Financial Uses

Artificial Intelligence Development $400,000
National Marketing Including Conferences $4,500,000
FF&E $100,000
R&D $500,000
6 Month Runway $250,000
Internal Scaling (Personel) $250,000
Total Uses $2,000,000

Sample Investment Returns on $100,000 Investment


Preferred Return Amount (Cumulative):


Return From EBITA:


Proceeds From Sale:


Total Capital Returned:


Equity Multiple:



Market Overview

Over the past five years the technological changes to the traditional commercial real estate syndication process has evolved to embrace digital capabilities :

Traditional Private Placement Syndication

Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)


30-60 Days

Operating & Subscription Agreements


30 Days

Deal Distribution (Hard Copy)

30-90 Days

Internal List

Labor Intensive

Meeting Intensive

Offering Activity Analytics (Manual) - inefficient

Deal Execution

Document submission for execution (Manual)-  inefficient

Accreditation validation (Manual) - inefficient

Funding (Manual) - inefficient


Investor Communication (Manual) - inefficient

Reports Distributed to each investor (Manual) - inefficient

Dividend Distributions to each investor via check (Manual) - inefficient

K-1 Preparation and distribution (Manual) - inefficient


Deal Volume per exercise




Digitized Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)



48 Hours


Operating & Subscription Agreements





Deal Distribution (Comprehensive Digital Deal Page)


3-5 Days

General solicitation

Proprietary web site

Proprietary database (20,000)

Offering Activity Analytics  with real-time investor activity

Deal Execution (Fully Automated)


Document submission for execution  - eSign Genie - automated

Accreditation Validation - automated - Invest Ready

Funding - immediate Bank-to-Bank




Investor Communication that is filtered and scheduled - automated

Reports - Automatically uploaded to investor dashboard

Dividend Distributions - Bank-to-Bank - automated

K-1 Preparation and distribution annually - automated


Deal Volume per license